What should I know about fish or aquariums?

All you need is the desire to enjoy an aquarium. With over seventeen years of experience, Aquarium Professionals has the knowledge and skills to provide you with the ideal aquatic life for your home or office. Whether you have a new curiosity or a longtime passion, Aquarium Professionals makes your dreams a reality.

Which type of aquarium set-up is right for me?

The right set-up is the one that fits you—aquariums are as individual as their owners. That’s why Aquarium Professionals specializes in customized livestock and tanks. Call today to setup an onsite consultation and start the process of growing your own piece of ocean.

Can you bring my vision to life?

There are limitless ways to populate and decorate an aquarium. Aquarium Professionals bridges your idea to a real-life, healthy ecosystem. From the color of the corals to the shape of the tank, we bring your vision to life—literally. View our gallery to see what we are capable of.

Do you supply the fish, coral, and decorations?

Aquarium Professionals is established among a network of other experts specializing in aquarium life. We do not sell the tank supplies; rather, the trusted members of Aquarium Professionals Network do. Whether you would prefer to have us accompany you while you shop or we purchase the supplies on your behalf, together we will place only the highest quality livestock and materials in your tank.

How long does the installation process take?

The length of the installation process is based on the size and complexity of the aquarium. An accurate timeline is included with the onsite consultation and will be provided shortly after meeting. Also, we work around your schedule, whether at home or in the office, making the installation process as quick and easy as possible.

Where can my tank be installed?

The short answer is “Anywhere!” The Aquarium Professionals Network is a team of specialists who construct custom-built aquariums. From the foundation, to the electrical wiring, to the plumbing, our team of licensed and insured tradesmen can install a tank in any home or office. Setting up a free consultation is the easiest way to find out where your aquarium can be installed.

Can I choose my own fish or decorations?

Yes you can! We welcome and encourage your input, and are open to any idea so long as the wellbeing of the ecosystem is never compromised. Maintaining the delicate balance of your system is our priority and something we take great pride in. At Aquarium Professionals, we believe that happy fish and coral make happy aquarium owners, and we guarantee the best for you and your piece of ocean.

Do you work on both fresh & salt-water tanks?

Yes! As we tell all our customers, we work on anything behind glass. There is no tank too big or too small. We also work with a variety of livestock—fish, turtles, clams—and the entire spectrum of coral. Short of a tank full of alligators, Aquarium Professionals are trained to maintain diverse ecosystems with a wide variety of animal and plant life.

Do you service preexisting aquariums?

Yes, Aquarium Professionals will service a preexisting tank and is capable of saving a failing system. There are many different types of aquariums out there, and Aquarium Professional is suited to care for any ecosystem, whether filled with goldfish or exotic coral.

What type of maintenance is typically needed?

The responsibilities of maintaining an aquarium can vary, and Aquarium Professionals is dedicated to the upkeep of your piece of ocean. Most systems require weekly maintenance, and we are happy to routinely care for your tank. Some of our clients prefer a more “hands-on” approach to their aquariums, and we are always excited to share our knowledge and practices with them. Others prefer us to do all the dirty work. So based on your desired level of involvement, there is a range of responsibilities to undertake.

What if there is a leak or a malfunction?

Aquarium Professionals are available for emergencies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For less serious issues, typically someone is sent onsite within a day or two to resolve the problem.

Is Aqua Professionals insured?

Yes, Aquarium Professionals is insured, as are all members of the Aquarium Professionals Network.

Do you provide estimates?

Part of our free consultation is both a cost & timing estimate.