Custom Aquarium and Vivarium Design Services in Dansville , NY

If you’re looking for custom aquarium and vivarium design services in Dansville , NY, AquaPros is the best choice. Our services include aquarium and vivarium design, setup, custom cabinetry, and maintenance. Every aquarium we build is unique to the owners taste and style. We welcome and encourage your input and ideas from the coral to the livestock; itメs your masterpiece and we are honored to bring it to life for you.

There are so many options for you to consider and we use only the highest quality livestock and materials to set up your tank. Livestock include but are not limited to fish, inverts, tridacna clams, frogs, turtles, snakes, and other amphibians and reptiles. We also are more than capable of caring for and maintaining terrariums and the range of wildlife they contain in addition to our custom aquariums.

Our team of licensed and insured experts will install everything including the foundation, electrical wiring and plumbing. The maintenance of your aquarium is one of our top priorities. Most systems require weekly maintenance and we are happy to routinely care for your tank ourselves although we do provide the knowledge and practices of proper upkeep to our hands-on clients as well.

Letメs not forget the custom cabinetry that can frame your aquarium. This highlights the beauty and makes your aquarium more of an eye catching work of art that fits seamlessly within the room. The frame work will allow for easy access to the filters, pumps, and livestock which will make maintenance less of a mess. Each cabinet is handmade and designed specifically for your space.

View our gallery to see what Aquarium Professionals are capable of. So for the best custom aquarium and vivarium design services in Dansville , make sure you choose AquaPros!