Aquarium Cabinetry Services

Once your tank has started to come to life you’ll want to start thinking about the enclosure. With our custom aquarium cabinet design solutions, we’ll make the surrounding cabinetry as beautiful as the wildlife it holds.  More importantly, we will create it to fit exactly to your current decor. We have incorporated some of the most intricate tanks into the most unbelievable places flawlessly. By adding our custom aquarium cabinet designs to your aquarium, it will help frame your tank and highlight its already breathtaking beauty. Your custom cabinet design will do wonders for you as the owner.

Not only will it enhance the beauty of your aquarium and match your already existing décor, your frame will also assist you with easier access to the filters, pumps, and marine life which will in turn make maintenance a breeze. All of our cabinet designs are handmade and designed specifically for you. Phil Smith, an integral member of the Aquarium Professionals network, has a lifetime of experience creating and installing custom built cabinetry for both homes and businesses.

You can view some of our beautiful custom cabinet designs here.

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