Saltwater Paradise


In Western New York, in the City of Tonawanda, the original Salt Water Store was established in 1993 by a husband and wife team “Joe and Annette Kozak.” Now known as Salt Water Paradise, reef hobbyists from all over Western New York still come to Joe and Annette’s for all their aquatic needs.

We are best known for our variety and selection of coral. Whether you are a beginner, hobbyist, collector or expert, we have the coral to tickle and suit your needs. Our coral comes in different shapes, sizes, and colors, originating from exotic locations around the world. For years we have been harvesting, acquiring and buying aquaculture colonies to help protect our eco-reef system.

Also, the natural live rock we sell is out of this world. We have sponges, clams, red and pink coralline algae, barnacles, and gorgonians, all just bursting with life. We sell manmade aquaculture rocks fully cycled with the deepest purple coralline algae imaginable. The color is fantastic.


All our fish tanks come fully equipped with UV sterilizers. We hold and quarantine fish to make sure that they are healthy and strong. If they do not meet our standards we do not sell them. The fish we sell are personally hand picked by both our suppliers and us.

For our advanced hobbyists and collectors, we do specialty orders and ensure weekly shipments of assorted fish. Rest assured what you see is what you get. Our main objective is that our customers’ tanks stay healthy and disease free. Being in the salt-water business and trade industry for over 20 years, you can depend on us.

We make this easy on you because it’s what we love to do.

Please check out our website : or better yet call us at: 716-743-0933 .

See you soon ….. Joe & Annette Kozak