A Reef Creation


Western NY’s premiere Saltwater specialty shop. We specialize in all things salty and our professional staff has over 100 years experience. Our 4000sq ft. retail shop provides shoppers with plenty of livestock choices in 1500 gallons of saltwater fish tanks and 3000 gallons of pristine reef tanks. Here at A Reef Creation we take live stock selection to the extreme. Many of our animals are hand picked for color and health at holding facilities before brought to the retail store.

In our search to reach new heights, in 2010 we started breeding our own fish. We currently offer Orange Ocellaris Clowns, Black Ocellaris Clowns, Maroon Clowns, and most recently snowflake Clownfish. Not only do we sell these fish to our retail customers, but to other stores in Western NY and Erie Pa and even to a couple wholesalers.


But our real passion is corals. Our corals have helped shape the current coral trends of today. Some of the coral in our Private collection are over 10 years old and are known around the country, including the Happy Endings Acan, Campfire Palythoas, the Black Cherry Blasto, and the Wanted Chalice. We’re always on the look out for that unusual coral to add to our propagation systems.

We carry a wide range of high tech equipment including Aqua Controllers, LED lighting, wave pumps, dosing pumps, Reactors, and skimmers in addition to the every day items like foods, chemicals, salt, and cleaning products.

For in-home installation and maintenance we work with our trusted partners Aqua Professionals.

So if you’re looking for serious advice from people that know best, check out A Reef Creation.